Actions: From Failure to Education – Project Journal

The journey begins with the most humble of people in the most far-flung areas.
The journey begins by connecting with the most humble of people in the most far-flung areas.

It was like yesterday that I just got off the plane and the journey ended with loads of failure, challenges, risks and achievement in my backpacks. From failure of locals not needing our help on the very first day of work to research oriented for knowing more about local issues and lifestyle, we eventually put down our glasses and putting their hats on our heads, and rethink. Cambodia is anyway a fascinating place, a not-so-poor country with so many poor people, where I ever spot kids in slum making plastic bags as food while the land lord does not care about their living. While we were trying hard to seek visits to local NGOs to understand and enjoy their stories and experience here. In some sense, working and developing projects in foreign countries, no matter developing or well-developed, stay humble and hungry for knowing is always an appropriate attitude, and probably this may save life of the project.

Overall journey of RegenFlip in Cambodia this time was adventurous. We successfully turned our project model from a service work in Cambodia to a education module providers, which education concerns concept of recycling, creativity and parenting on wearing shoes, to Cambodian villages, collaborating with a local NGO (Krousar Yeoung Association). Along with a 2 hours workshop in a school for high school teenagers concerning the concept of recycling, it became an appropriate case for reference of education module. The unexpected journey built RegenFlip a sustainable model for keep putting effort in education to nurturing a good habit on wearing shoes to protect their foot, meanwhile reaching our social vision and goals at the end.
As founder and team leader of RegenFlip, this came to my most valuable experience for co-working this meaningful project with passionate friends in HKU. And I believe the journey has just begun for RegenFlip, where we built a great team spirit and shared the common social value.


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