Jakarta: Living in a flooded neighbourhood Part 2

The waters are rising, but you just have to power on.
The waters are rising, but you just have to power on.

Few days passed and skies have turned clear, but somehow the unexpected comes back again. On Wednesday, the sky darkens once again and heavy rain comes in the night for more than 7 hours.

On the morning, every news and radio station stated the same thing: “flood strikes back”. Floodgates are opened and once again, I was dispatched to help the victims. I am unable to get good pictures of other neighbourhoods due to the traffic jam that is more bizarre than ever. The traffic is so bad that took me 3 hours for commuting to place that usually takes 1 hour.

This picture is taken on one of the area in South Jakarta. The man in the picture is my high school friend. He is in a region where flood often comes on ‘4 year cycle’. The flood itself is only ankle length, but supply line to their area is cut off. He walked some miles to get some foods and clean clothes in order to survive.

His condition is not as bad as the one I see in some parts of Northern Jakarta. The flood on some areas reaches 2nd floor in housing there. Rubber boats and SAR team are everywhere. People are staying on their roof, facing dilemmas whether they leave their house for safety, or risking their personal belongings. Even though police are present in the disaster area, empty houses are opportunities for some people that want to have easy, but dirty money. After all, this is almost same thing that I found on the previous post.

Right now, it’s kinda hard to divide time between volunteering, university, and my foundation that I’m developing. Hopefully the flood ends soon and prosperity will be found in this year

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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