Singapore: This Feeling is Just So Cyberpunk

Futuristic ... the MRT flyovers of Jurong East at night
Futuristic … the MRT flyovers of Jurong East at night

It’s futuristic.  It’s cyberpunk.  It’s post-apocalyptic.  And most visitors to Singapore will probably never go here, because at first sight, these suburbs all look the same.

And you can be forgiven for thinking that.  You could say that in HDB heartland, the streetscape is monotonous – even one Singaporean told me that it ‘looks so Communist’.  And a visitor may not necessarily be turned off by this, but instead by the humidity that one bears while walking the streets.

At least the streets of Singapore are safe to walk at night, even in an area like Jurong East – and there are still bare patches of land here and there.  But perhaps nowhere else will you see such an orderly lineup of modern but bland-looking utopian (or dystopian?) flats directly opposite an industrial estate, which itself is next to a cluster of hyper-modern shopping malls, and a technology park.  Perfect combination for your futuristic sci-fi?  And yes, regardless of whether or not you like cyberpunk, it takes little imagination to see this as the perfect setting for your sci-fi movie.  If only people from overseas would take the 30 minute MRT ride and notice.  Or survive the humidity.


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