Singapore: what makes us dribble? (2)

You'll find the odd joke to brighten up HDB life.
You’ll find the odd joke to brighten up HDB life.

They’re in the suburbs, but they’re a concrete jungle on their own.  A local friend once told me that they looked ‘communist’. Most of them have almost exactly the same roof height and design; if not for the perpetual sunshine and humidity, it might be the most drab urban landscape you see. Which of course, only challenged me to find out something unique and different about each one of these.

And yes, although many of them contain relatively similar facilities – a communal courtyard; green space between blocks; and an occasional hawker centre – it only takes a little Easter egg like this sign to imprint a particular location in one’s mind forever. It may just be a single sign, but it quite succinctly illustrates the dry sense of humour and wit I encountered among the affectionate auntie who served me here. This one was in the back toilet of a hawker centre in the Dover Road area in Singapore’s west – and yes, a basketball court is there.


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