Filipino Cool or Filipino Kitsch?

Flamboyant ... and yet we can't get the power pole out of the way.
Flamboyant … and yet we can’t get the power pole out of the way.

There’s no doubt that Filipinos have a stagy side to them. Just wait for any karaoke session or opportunity to dance. Or any jeepney. But when you take it to an entire building, that becomes a whole new level.

With development in the Philippines skyrocketing, there is no shortage of new construction – but most of them keep within a certain style that has some degree of subtlety to it. Not for these folks.

OK, I may be a little bit harsh. The local scoop is that this building houses a chocolate factory, so when you think about giving your business a theme or brand image, these folks tick all the boxes. Perhaps the building itself may be made of chocolate … or perhaps not, that would not survive one hour in Philippine humidity.

Not to mention it’s in the middle of a residential district. There are a few industries here, but their establishments are a little bit more nondescript. To be precise, it’s in Cubao in Quezon City, but on the less accessible and less popular western side of EDSA – check it out, if you can get there. You’re guaranteed not to miss it.


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