The Free and Permanent Light Show


VIVID SYDNEY is over for another year. Was it remarkable? Maybe. But it crowded such a mass of Sydney into the foreshore over the past two weeks.

There’s always that eerie feeling in Sydney after the end of such a major festival that draws the crowds. But there are still light spectacles everywhere around town, every day. And the fact that most don’t have time for these always keep these locations quiet enough to watch a 100% natural, organic, all-encompassing light show.

This one comes from a boat ramp in Botany, overlooking the parallel runways at Sydney Airport at sunset. It’s only accessible by car, but it’s just off the M1. At the boat ramp are information signs about container trade and the history of the adjacent Port Botany. Just one of the under-appreciated perks of suburban Sydney, and the relationship between everyday Sydneysiders and their infrastructure. The multitude of good vantage points provide many opportunities for aircraft spotting. And at this time of day, nature enhances the show. It’s a spectacle over a landmark … and it’s here to stay.


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