Introducing the Beijing Backpacking Blog

Train is leaving. Thanks to my friends for getting on board.
Train is leaving. Thanks to my friends for getting me on board.

As a traveller, Beijing ought to have a unique place in my mind and heart; yet I barely gave it the chance to. After studying the language for two years, it took me another three to finally set foot on Chinese soil. And the fact that I had studied the country more thoroughly than any other in my life gave me a sense of excitement like no other I had ever had when travelling something new. Yet life has its demands, and do fulfil them, I was only able to give Beijing a fleeting 40 hours.

How life turns the tide. This time, this city is getting 33 days. And with the blessings of Airbnb, Pleco, VPN and WiFi hotspots, I’ve decided to take this to a whole new level and warmly invite you to take this one step-by-step, day-by-day with me. To make the most out of every second in real life against the proxy, I’ll be giving small tastes as it happens every day; followed by video uploads and finally the full lowdown upon my return to lands of faster connection speed.

Yes, I will look for enlightenment. Yes, I will seek to post every day. Yes, I will eat things that are weird and potentially controversial. Yes, you can laugh at my broken Chinese. (But I swear that it will be better by the time the last video comes up.)

Anyway, peace out, and I look forward to seeing you come with me!


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