Introducing the Hong Kong Hotspot

Hello fragrant harbours.
Hello fragrant harbours.

I JUST MOVED in last week – and when you do, things get busy very quickly. Administrative errands, shopping, setting up – this is the difference between travelling and moving to a new home. And somehow you find more time for socialising during this time than you do when you’ve settled down. Perhaps it’s because of the adrenalin.

Or it’s because of the location. In Beijing, a friend guessed that I was extroverted; but figured that that was only because of what the big city environment does to you. If that was the case in a city where there were at least some decent breathing spaces in the middle of town, imagine the vibe in a place of wall-to-wall skyscrapers and narrow alleyways. Challenge accepted. Welcome to my new project, the vow not to leave any stone – or city lock – unturned in Hong Kong.

And why is it called the ‘Hotspot’? Well it’s what any modernised traveller looks for when they’re lost in a big city. And Hong Kong is so technically advanced that you’ll find WiFi hotspots virtually anywhere. Everywhere, almost no exceptions. And if there are … I’ll post about them too. So here goes … keep in touch.


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