Hong Kong Hotspot: Stand Up For Yourself

More than just free stuff.
More than just free stuff.

IT’S NO SECRET, especially regarding recent events in the city, that Hong Kong has gained a reputation for youth activism and politics. But that need not be about controversial subjects – the liberal democratic vibe of the city has given rise to a student base that is willing to get involved and work for causes they believe in that benefit everyone.

This is one of many intersections at the University of Hong Kong between the two stereotypes of students here: those who will just get by and those who want to make a difference. These blended juices and cupcakes are all made from leftover materials in supermarkets that would have otherwise been thrown away. To the former type of student, they’ll stop by to get anything that’s free. To the latter, they’ll volunteer their time or take interest in a cause that will do some good for the world.

We're not leaving this one high and dry
We’re not leaving this one high and dry

This square in Hong Kong University – aptly in front of the student union headquarters – has become a space for the promotion of all sorts of charitable and social justice causes. It has also become the square for cultural fairs and exhibitions, including the international fair showcasing different countries – also with free food included. But don’t just take it as a gimmick – this is serious business, and young people, regardless of persuasion, will keep Hong Kong on the map.


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