Hong Kong Hotspot: Hong Kong Halloween – Spot the Characters

While Halloween may be a European tradition, much celebrated in the United States, the international community in Hong Kong takes the event very seriously. At least that is the case on the island, which the bars and nightclubs in Lan Kwai Fung use as an excuse to throw raucous parties with steep cover charges. The street is usually going off at about 10 or 11 pm, but even as early as 8 pm, the police, having learned from a deadly stampede two decades ago, move in to barricade the area and control the crowd.

Consequently, most people don’t even make it to Lan Kwai Fung – neither did I. Which means that the crowds and extravagant costumes spill far beyond into the surrounding streets. You’ll even see parents taking their children – something I’d consider unimaginable in nightlife-heavy districts in other cities.

But, of course, here are the photos – see how many characters you can spot!

20151031_215713 20151031_220722 20151031_221210 20151031_222801 20151031_223218

As for the costumes, they range from the subtle to the downright politically incorrect, but are some clear clichés.


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