About: What is the Adventure into the Hoods?

Taleprint is more than a local travel blog. Sure, there are many out there, and I’d like to think I’m unique in what I can offer to all of you who read my posts, in that I travel quirky, and to places few bother to go or see any value in. Though plenty of us like to think we are too…

But about me. Sydney-born Asian. Aspiring social entrepreneur and frequent traveller. Lived in Singapore and Beijing, frequently travels to Philippines and Singapore, has visited 15 countries mainly around Asia and North America. I’m also a musician who composes my own music, and a culture buff (why else do we travel) who likes reading magazines.

My vision is to make friends with fellow social changemakers, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders and the like worldwide, invite them to contribute to Taleprint, and make Taleprint a collaborative blogging community of sorts, united by an appreciation of off-the-beaten-track places. These places give unique insights which allow people to empathise on a personal level with the places people visit … and the projects and initiatives they run there.

I can be a naturally edgy and anxious person … but travel and music are my catharsis, when I feel most alive. There is no deeper connection than to form a new friendship when you visit a completely new place.

I never travel purely for leisure; instead I encourage all of you to find ‘excuses’ to travel. A business opportunity, internship, conference, volunteer program … or a friend you made through your experiences. These are all great reasons. None of these experiences can be found in locations popular with tourists. Which is why I want to go on adventures into the hoods … and encourage you to come along with me.

P.S. there is no religious connotation in the username ‘trucross’.


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