Makati Means Murals

MANY PEOPLE MISTAKE my ethnicity. Often they’d think I’m Indian, Indonesian … or Mexican. My response to the latter, or to anyone who asks me about Filipino culture, I usually sum it up in one word: ‘Mexicasian’. Mexicasian. We’re in the middle of Asia and the bamboo network Chinese have assimilated to the point where many … More Makati Means Murals

Local Travel in Sydney: Been to Chippendale?

SYDNEY’S HISTORY FOLLOWS the development patterns of many of its North American counterparts, especially in the first half of the 20th century.  Initially, the inner ring of the city was home to the working class, close to factories and warehouses.  With the advent of suburbs, these areas naturally followed down the same paths of urban … More Local Travel in Sydney: Been to Chippendale?