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WHERE DO YOU go to get the feeling of remoteness and being away from it all? If it is supposedly possible to reach paradise on the same piece of land as where many everyday Hong Kongers live, then surely it is possible to find paradise on an island separated from the rest of civilisation? In … More Hong Kong Hotspot:

Hong Kong Hotspot: Effort, Reward and a Trek to Paradise

HONG KONG UNIVERSITIES are approaching their mid-semester break, and that generally means one thing – travel. But with midterms approaching, that leaves them little time or resources to fly out. Not to worry, because Hong Kong’s contrasts extend well into nature, and while many of its nature getaways are on outlying islands, Sai Kung East … More Hong Kong Hotspot: Effort, Reward and a Trek to Paradise

Amazingly Ominous

IT’S BEEN PRETTY treacherous – and deadly – in Sydney and the surrounding areas over the past week. Flash floods and wind speeds equivalent to a category 2 typhoon/hurricane/cyclone are not what Sydney is used to. But nature has a funny way of making impending disaster look so beautiful. Take this shot, for example. It’s … More Amazingly Ominous