Makati Means Murals

MANY PEOPLE MISTAKE my ethnicity. Often they’d think I’m Indian, Indonesian … or Mexican. My response to the latter, or to anyone who asks me about Filipino culture, I usually sum it up in one word: ‘Mexicasian’. Mexicasian. We’re in the middle of Asia and the bamboo network Chinese have assimilated to the point where many … More Makati Means Murals

Which traveller dares to ride a bus in Manila?

WHEN YOU’RE TRAVELLING in a developing country, there are just some things, some places, some parts of society, that unspoken word, others’ previous experiences or historical facts advise you against. Even for Western-born Asians, we have to admit that socioeconomic and cultural differences mean that while we have the purchasing power to live like kings, … More Which traveller dares to ride a bus in Manila?